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Olympia Farmers’ Market                                     

Where we retail our shellfish.  Come by and talk to my dad, Evan.  Also, we have our full line of clams and oysters here; different sizes and species.  What are you waiting for? 

Marinelli Shellfish                                                  

We wholesale our shellfish with the shellfish experts at Marinelli Shellfish.  If you have any questions about half shell oysters, contact these folks.  We began working with the fine people at Marinelli in the 1990's and are very proud to have maintained that relationship.  Excellent company with an outstanding record of high quality.  If want to have Skookum Point oysters in your oyster bar (and I hope you do) contact Jeff.  And a final note as a food producer/farmer, this year is one of my most successful at growing a consistent extremely high quality of oyster and we are proud to share our oysters with you all.  Thank you

Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association        


Chef Poppy Tooker, cameraman and producer David Aman and Leah Williams visited our farm in July 2009 and made two short you tube films with our company and our product.  This was filmed very early in our re-entry into Shelton farming following our retirement from the Washington Army National Guard.  Please comment!

Retailing Clams and Oysters at Farmer’s Market


Niche marketing oysters


Langdon Cook.                                                      

Lang is a talented chef, author, blogger, dad, person and of course, forager.  The next shellfish dish I cook will be from one of his recipes.  We are extremely thankful to have worked with Lang over the past few years in culinary toursim activities and have learned so very much from working with him.  Visit this site!


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