Skookum Point Pacific Oysters


Skookum Point Pacific Oysters

Crassostrea gigas

Season:  Year round.      

Sizes: Large, medium, small, extra small and cocktail.

Our beach grown yearlings are where we can really differentiate Skookum Points from other oysters and display our unique quality. Rich plump meat quality, crisp crunchy flavor, deep cup, sizing consistency, overall appearance(meat and shell) all distinguish themselves as primary selection factors and points of pride. Our oysters are beach grown pacific triploid oysters that are hand harvested and culled twice.
Current Crop: We had a nice seamless growing sequence that brought our oysters to you in August 2011. The oyster crop is pretty big and will continue up until July 2012. We placed a whole lot of work energy in chipping the oysters in the bags and through other processing tricks which have built a deeper cup. We are holding on to a large group of beautiful oysters but the shells are kind of thin for all you hinge shuckers.

Olympia Oysters

 Ostrea lurida

Season:  October thru April 

We manage an ecologically successful and vibrant Olympia Oyster population. Our 4 year old Oly’s can be found at the Olympia Farmer’s Market when in season. Fat meats, big Oly’s, you provide the beer.
Our Olympia population currently exceeds a million and we are harvesting about 200 dozen a year. The oysters are big, growing very fast and currently developing deep cups. One last note. At this location with our existing predator structure, these oysters absolutely must be protected from predators for their first eighteen months. From then on they grow freely on the beach but coexist with the other crops of oysters on top of the substrate and often on top of clams under the substrate.

Kumamoto Oysters

Season:  Available exclusively at the Olympia Farmers’ Market April, May, November and December.  One of the things that I noticed are really cool about Kumos is how they seen to plump up when you open them.  Also, just a reminder about this species of oyster.  They are a warm water spawner so they tend to be soft deep in the summer and fall.  During this period, expect your kumamotos to be spawny if eaten raw or cook them to avoid texture problem

Manila clams

Tapes philippinarum

Season:  year round

 These fat, sweet, Little Skookum Inlet clams have are so pretty that you are going to keep the shells.   We seed our population to emphasize an absolutely beautiful display of manila clams with vibrant shell colors and patterns.  Our clams provide an artistic presentation combined with the rich flavor of Skookum Inlet clams.    We hand harvest all our clams and allow them to purge on site to remove all gritty texture. 



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