Skookum Point Pacific Oysters



Welcome Sunset Readers!  Just a few more weeks until our booth is open at the Olympia Farmer's Market.  Until then  visit the oyster bars and look for Skookum Points on the oyster boards.  Skookum Point oysters grow on a small shellfish farm located at the mouth of Little Skookum Inlet near Shelton, Washington.  We specialize in our beach grown, extra small triploid pacific (Crassostrea gigas) oysters and native Olympia Oysters (Ostrea lurida).  To discover more about our company and our shellfish, roam about our site or visit with us directly at the Olympia Farmer's Market.  If you wish to share a few thoughts of your own, have questions or just talk oysters, email or check out our Facebook group Skookum Point Oysters.     John Adams and family
Last Updated:   February 2013

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